Where can I find 3DS games for playing with the 3DS Emulator?

Games for the 3DS Emulator can be found as Roms on the internet. Their size might be a bit big though, it might take a while to download them. Take a look in which games you are interested in and try to find them online.


Will I  be able to run the 3DS Emulator on my mobile device?

Yes you will! The 3DS Emulator is working on mobile devices. Simply download the Emulator and start playing!


Will the 3DS Emulator work on any mobile devices?

To enjoy playing with our 3DS Emulator you need to have a good mobile device. You should have at least Android 4.0 or iOS 7. With these operating systems you shouldn’t have any problems playing.


How big is the 3DS Emulator?

The size of our 3DS Emulator is 23.7 MB.


Will I have problems with Viruses if I download the Emulator? 

Our content is 100% Virus Free. We make sure that you won’t have to deal with any problems. You won’t have to deal with any Viruses.


How frequently do you guys update the 3DS Emulator?

We update our 3DS Emulator every other week. With our updates we are trying to improve the general performance of the 3DS Emulator, by fixing bugs and with new add ons.